DDM Subscription

DDM Subscription offers a low cost solution for customers to deploy Digital Menu Board for under $10 a month.

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This is a subscription based DDM.   

Please note that you need to have either an Amazon Fire TV, or Amazon Firestick or Android smart TV to use with this subscription.

It will be automatically renew every month unless users cancel their subscription before the renewal date.


This product enables customers to use Dynamic Digital Menu and be able to upload 60 photos. This product DOES NOT include an Amazon Firestick.

Include customer support for the entire subscription period.

Monthly subscription fee is $9.99. Renew monthly.


One screen requires ONE DDM Subscription

Only available in US, and Canada at this time.

To subscribe, please enter your iShareMem login ID to be enabled for DDM on the form below, press SEND and then click SUBSCRIBE button

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