How it works

Simple DDM – How does it work?

  • Users sign up for Simple DDM (on this web page)
  • Install iShareMem app and create an iShareMem login ID/account
    • Download a free iShareMem App (on App Store or Google Play)
    • Create an account
    • It may take up to 8 hours for DDM to be activated in your account or you can enable DDM feature by going to your iShareMem app, then “My Account”, then touch “Dynamic Digital Menu” “Buy Now” button to enable it
  • Fill out the form below to send your iShareMem login ID to us to get your  iShareMem account enabled for DDM feature
  • We will create a menu for you to start uploading your menu items.  This menu is hosted by us and it will give you up to 60 photos to be uploaded
  • Upload menu items (up to 60 photos) to the menu that we create for you (from the step above) to user’s iShareMem account through iShareMem mobile app (see video below)
  • We will ship Amazon fire TV stick (preloaded with DDM app) through FedEx to your shipping address
  • Use this Quick Guide from Amazon to get your fire stick set up
  • Launch DDM app and login
  • Select a desired menu to be displayed on big screen