Dynamic Digital Menu (DDM)

DDM provides the functionalities of a Digital Menu board, which is a screen display for advertising menu items in places like restaurants, car dealerships, schools, hotels, supermarkets, etc.  Traditional digital menu boards cost thousands of dollars and require expensive installation and operation. DDM costs a fraction of the digital menu boards cost, has no monthly fee and easy to operate.

You can make changes to menu items and update prices instantly from your mobile phone or PC.  Quick, easy and painless.  No technical knowledge is required to use DDM.  It will take under one hour to have DDM up and running with your menu contents.  DDM is pre-loaded on Amazon Fire Stick.  It is simply a PLUG and PLAY operation.

Unlike other traditional digital menu boards, our DDM is built on top of Amazon Fire OS and Amazon cloud.  This provides a very reliable digital menu boards solution for our customers.

No internet connection is required after users successfully download the menu content to Fire TV stick.

DDM works with Amazon Fire Stick, Amazon Fire TV Editions and some SmartTV brands (Android TV, LG and Samsung)

Implement DDM is simple. It is just PLUG and PLAY

  1. Download isharemem free app (from App Store or Google Play), or “DDM Companion App” from Google Play, register for an iShareMem account, create a menu
  2. Install Amazon Fire Stick on your TV or have Amazon Fire TV or SmartTV (email sales@getddm.com for a list of supported SmartTV)
  3. Log in to isharemem account on big screen TV through DDM app on Fire stick
  4. Pick an menu to display the menu contents

It is assumed that users already have the following components on their premises:

  • Big screen display/television with available HDMI port or smartTV
  • Wifi network

One screen requires ONE DDM license.