DDM User Guide


  1. To login: Enter email address and password on Login screen (figure 1)
  2. To reset password: enter email address and select forgot password.  A confirmation code will be sent to users phone and email.  Enter that confirmation code and a new password on Forgot password screen (figure 2)
  3. After login, users will see DDM Home screen (figure 3).  Main photo of the selected menu will be displayed as users advance through the set of menus by pressing the round button which is the select button located above Menu button (see figure 5)
  4. To log out of DDM app or to refresh DDM Home screen after making changes to menu items/contents, press Menu button (figure 5) when in DDM Home screen.  Logout and Refresh buttons will be displayed (figure 4).  Select Logout will log user out of DDM.  Select Refresh will reload new menus (if any) to DDM Home screen.
  5. Select any menu on DDM Home screen will start a slideshow for that menu.  To pause slideshow, press Play/Pause button (figure 6).  To start slideshow again, press Play/Pause button again.  To advance to next image or get back to previous image, press Next or Prev button (Left and Right side of the Play/Pause button).  You can also use the round button which is the select button right above Menu button to control and advance slideshow
  6. To remove the Play/Pause and Prev/Next symbols on the screen when displaying a single image, press Play/Pause button and then Prev/Next button
  7. To search for a name of the menus, location or creator, go to the top left corner where it has a search symbol and enter the name/characters
  8. To get out of a menu during slideshow, select “Return” key which is located on the same row as menu key (figure 5) but on the far left side.
  9. To get out of DDM (without logging out) and get back to Fire Stick Home screen, select the HOME button on the remote (located between Return and Menu key)