Turnkey+ DDM

Turnkey DDM package provides a true PLUG and PLAY for business owners who want to have digital menus without worrying about creating, installing and managing them.  All related works (designing/creating menu contents, maintaining and modifying them based on business owners’ needs) are handled by us.

FREE Shipping in the US

Free Firestick when signing up for 12 months

Turnkey DDM – How does it work?

  • Users sign up for Turnkey+ DDM
  • Click HERE to select your preferred DDM Templates  and email your choice (indicate template #) to support@getddm.com along with your menu contents (name of your business, menu items, prices, etc)
  • We will ship 3 Amazon fire TV sticks with preloaded DDM app and digital menu(s) that we design based on users choices  through FedEx to users shipping address
  • Users plug Amazon fire TV stick into an HDMI available slot on their big display
  • Users launch DDM app and log in using the provided DDM login ID(s) and password(s)
  • Select a desired menu to be displayed on big screen

Up To 700 Photos

This is a subscription based DDM.   It will be automatically renew every month unless users cancel their subscription before the renewal date.


This product includes THREE Amazon fire TV stick with DDM app and one digital menu design from our pre-defined templates for up to 5 big screen displays.

Our menu designers will contact you to get the digital menu design started.  You can buy additional design menu services in our website.

Include customer support for the entire subscription period.

Monthly subscription fee is $44.99. Renew monthly.

First payment will include $120 for the cost of 3 Fire Sticks.


Only available in US, and Canada at this time.

Click below to sign up for Monthly Subscription

Click below to sign up for Yearly Subscription (Free 1 Amazon Firestick)