Lease DDM

Lease DDM package offers a low cost solution for customers who want to deploy Digital Menu Board for a lowest possible cost.

This is a subscription based DDM.   It will be automatically renew every year unless users cancel their subscription before the renewal date.

This product includes ONE leased Amazon fire TV stick with DDM app. At the end of the subscription period, users will need to return Amazon fire TV stick to us or will be charged $40 for each fire TV stick.

Up to 60 photos.

Include customer support for the entire subscription period. One year subscription fee is $79.99

First payment will include $15 shipping fee + $79.99 “Lease DDM” subscription fee for one year


One screen requires ONE Lease DDM.

Only available in US, and Canada at this time.

To subscribe, please enter your iShareMem login ID to be enabled for DDM on the form below, press SEND and then click SUBSCRIBE button

Click below to sign up for “Lease DDM” Subscription