Free Trial DDM

Dynamic Digital Menu (DDM) allows users to display any menu contents or event’s photos to big screens. DDM is perfect for displaying a restaurant menu, displaying info at conferences, using in hospitality industry or for showing live photos being taken at a celebration. DDM is the best alternative to the traditional and expensive Digital Menu Boards.

Free Trial DDM – How does it work?

  • Install iShareMem app and create an iShareMem login ID/account
  • Fill out the form below to send your iShareMem login ID to us to get your  iShareMem account enabled for DDM feature
  • Upload menu items (up to 60 photos) to user’s iShareMem account through iShareMem mobile app
  • We will ship Amazon fire TV stick (preloaded with DDM app) through FedEx to your shipping address
  • Use this Quick Guide from Amazon to get your fire stick set up
  • Launch DDM app and login
  • Select a desired menu to be displayed on big screen
  • To cancel your free trial within the first 30 days, email to with subject line “CANCEL” and your iShareMem login ID

Try it out for free for 30 days

Pay only $49 for the cost of one Amazon Fire Stick and shipping fee

Your account will be enabled for DDM feature

You won’t be charged the remaining balance of $200 until your 2nd and 3rd month ($100 for each month)

If you cancel within the first 30 days (email to to cancel)

  1. Your DDM feature will be disabled
  2. You keep the Amazon Fire Stick
  3. You won’t be charged anything else

To try out Free Trial DDM, please enter your iShareMem login ID to be enabled for DDM on the form below, press SEND and then click SUBSCRIBE button